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Not every business wants, needs or even values the same services in the same way. Our real passion lies in helping you, the small-to-medium sized business owner, achieve financial success. With our background in accounting and business in general, we can provide as much or as little help as your business needs.

Monthly Bookkeeping Services

For up to date financial information, regular recording of monthly transactions is crucial. We will record all transactions, reconcile bank accounts and credit card statements and provide you with professional financial statements.


One of the biggest challenges small business face is payroll. We can alleviate the stress and worry usually associated with this task. From regular payroll to ROE to T4. We ensure that all the correct forms are filled out and remitted on time, every time.

Accounts Receivable & Payable

Bottom Line Bookkeeping can make sure that all your vendors are paid on time. We can ensure that your customers are invoiced and help with the collection of accounts receivable to improve your cash flow.

Company Set up, Xero & App Training

If all you need is a little help getting started this service is perfect for you. We can set up your General Ledger and chart of accounts within Xero ensuring that you start off right. We can then train you and your staff to use the program efficiently. We can provide ongoing support and assistance with special needs such as year end preparation.

Government Remittances

We provide timely and accurate remittance of all government forms such as GST, WCB and payroll source deductions.

Tax Preparation

Bottom Line Bookkeeping will prepare and review your year-end financial statements and have them accountant ready for T2 filing. We can also prepare and e-file your corporation's taxes using the same software as most accountants at a fraction of the cost.

We also prepare and submit personal tax returns (T1) based on the information you provide. We are a registered e-filer with the CRA, enabling us to process your return quickly and efficiently.

We sell knowledge, not time

We don't have an hourly rate because we don't believe that you should worry about how much time your work will take, nor do we believe that anyone should ever be surprised by an invoice.


Hourly Rates

None; fixed rates only.

Personal Income Tax Preparation (T1):

Starting at $120.00 for a basic return.

Corporate Income Tax Preparation (T2):

$1000.00 if we have completed the bookkeeping prior to year end.

$1200.00 if the bookkeeping was done elsewhere.

Business Packages

Our program is built around a one price policy and is tailored to each client's individual needs. Because our Fixed Price Agreement provides ongoing access to technology and services on a fixed price basis, you can seek timely advice without the fear of a meter running endlessly.

Package pricing also allows businesses to maintain better control of their cash flow by having a set fee per month, thereby avoiding surprise bills at times when more work is required. Package pricing is based on a one year contract and can be cancelled at any time with three months notice.

Example Packages

After sitting down to discuss your business' needs, we'll send you some package options similar to the chart below and you can decide what level of service you'll need. Contact us to get started!

Beyond Bookkeeping
Peace of mind
Ongoing basics
Software & Systems
Xero collaborative online software Yes Yes -
Xero bank feeds for bank accounts Yes Yes Yes
Xero bank feeds for credit cards Yes Yes Yes
Hubdoc document retreival software Yes - -
Xero expenses app Yes Yes -
E-Courier encrypted data exchange Yes Yes -
Data deposit box online storage & backups Yes Yes -
Accounts Receivable
Client access to invoice directly from Xero Yes Yes Yes
Set-up and maintenance of Invoice Module including logo on invoice Yes Yes Yes
Connect client payment services for online payment of invoices Yes Yes -
Publish Aged Receivable report to assist with collections if required Yes Yes -
Accounts Payable
Data entry of all payable invoices collected from Hubdoc Yes Yes -
Monthly review of payable invoices Yes - -
Reconcile bank accounts monthly Two Accounts One Account One Account
Reconcile credit cards monthly Two Cards One Card One Card
Record bank deposits and transfers Yes Yes Yes
Set up and maintain Wagepoint payroll software Yes - -
Process bi-weekly/monthly payroll run using Wagepoint software Bi-weekly Monthly -
Direct deposit of employee wages Yes - -
Prepare and submit source deductions with each payroll Yes Yes -
Prepare & file T4s & Summary Yes Yes -
Prepare & file ROE Yes - -
Provide employee portal for paystubs & T4s Yes - -
Business Communications
Phone calls & emails returned within 1 business day 2 business days 3 business days
Meetings pertaining to financial planning of business Monthly Quarterly Annually
Profitability analysis Yes Yes -
Budgeting Yes - -
Government Compliance
Prepare & file GST returns Quarterly Quarterly Annually
Prepare & file T5018 forms Yes Yes -
Prepare & file T5s & Summary Yes - -
Respond to all CRA inquiries Yes - -
Financial Reporting
Financial statements published Monthly Quarterly Annually
Comparative financial statements published quarterly if required Monthly Quarterly Annually
Fiscal Year End
Prepare & electronically file corporate T2 Yes - -
Prepare & file WCB reports as required Yes - -
Record Retention
Daily backups to Data Deposit online storage Yes Yes -
Provide PDF of General Ledger, Income Statement and Balance Sheet at year end Yes - -